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Want to supercharge your infrastructure without breaking the bank? Diversicom's cloud services can help.

Utilize our private cloud solutions at a fraction of the cost of Azure.

Diversicom specializes in crafting customized cloud solutions that perfectly align with your business’s unique requirements and financial objectives, regardless of whether your technology infrastructure is managed in-house, hosted on a public platform like Azure, or employs a hybrid approach. Our expertise in private cloud solutions can significantly reduce your costs while simultaneously enhancing your control over your infrastructure.

Our strategically located datacenters in the Southeast, Southwest, and Northeast United States ensure that your data remains secure and is replicated with your preferred degree of redundancy. Moreover, our clients typically experience an impressive average cost reduction of 65% when comparing our services directly with Microsoft Azure’s offerings. This makes Diversicom an ideal partner for optimizing your cloud infrastructure in a cost-effective manner.

Predictable Costs

Our team will work with you to explain all cloud-related costs, and help you budget for future growth.

Multi-Region Redundancy

With datacenters in multiple regions of the country, we are able to provide redundancy that matches your specific needs

Fully Managed

The same trusted team that manages your daily tech support manages every aspect of your cloud infrastructure as well.

Unlimited Data Traffic

While public cloud solutions charge you for every MB of data traffic over your network, Diversicom's traffic is always unlimited.

State of the art datacenter space throughout the US

Our state of the art datacenter space strategically located in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas allows us to offer fully redundant and secure cloud products to our clients; all at a price point that consistently beats our competition.

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